What are the Highest Converting CPA Offer Categories

by Alfredo Zucchi

CPA Offers are arranged under categories. There are many, many categories under which CPA offers are available. You can get a great perspective on the variety and availability of CPA offer categories by taking a look on a site such as offervault.com.

By entering the site and doing an advanced search, you can see the multiple categories that are listed, as well as the number of offers available on each one. Offervault.com can list that many categories, because it gathers information from different CPA networks, so users can review offers before they commit to promoting them.

The thing about having so many CPA offer categories from which to choose from is that it can become difficult to narrow down your options according to our expectations and your forecasted results.

One of the things that you can immediately realize about CPA categories, when conducting thorough research on them, is that they tend to overlap. This means that an offer that is published under one certain category can be easily cross promoted through another category.

Advertisers do this because they want maximum exposure for their offers. By placing an offer under a category such as “Business Opportunity”, and placing it under another category such as “As Seen on TV”, advertisers make sure that the exposure is broader, which will in turn help them to reach a broader audience.

The Highest Converting CPA Offer Categories

For you, the publisher, it means that you can learn to identify what are the hottest CPA categories to look for, and not waste time looking on others for the same results.

To further help you out, we have compiled a list of the highest converting CPA offer categories. as of right now. Promoting a good offer under the following categories guarantees you conversions.


Currently, gaming is one of the biggest, most popular and safest CPA offer categories around. There are many factors that have helped the Gaming category become one of the top. It can mainly thank online multiplayer games, free casual games, mobile gaming, online casinos and lotto for its rising popularity.

On one hand, you have a majority of offers that tend to have a lower payout compared to average, which can start at $2. On the other hand, it makes up for it with a wide and active audience that can be found on multiple channels.

That means that you can promote multiplayer games on social media and on tech blogs, casual games on all kinds of online channels, mobile gaming on every device that you can reach (as it is well known that basically everybody plays on their phones, today) and promote online lotto via email.


The financial category is popular because of two things. One, it responds to a basic necessity of today’s society demands and hardships, and second, because it fosters immediate availability to it for a lot of individuals.

The financial category can also boast about housing many types of offers that you can make on many different channels: zip and email forms, registrations, trials, contests, etc.

In fact, it can be said that the financial category even has its own set of subcategories, including insurance, auto loans, payday loans, bank loans and credits, among others. You can promote as many of them as your budget and your network will allow!

For you, the publisher, this is great news. Whether an individual gets approval for a loan or line of credit, it does not affect you. You get your payout once an action is completed!

Mobile Apps

The mobile apps category has grown exceptionally in recent years thanks to the development of safer app markets and because of the explosion of the smart device market share.

The tendency of mobile users towards trying out every type of app, and the novelty that using a smart device for computerized experiences still represents has provided CPA marketers with a great venue for profit.


The health category is another popular and safe to promote category. With senior and elderly internet users occupying a great portion of this niche’s customer base, it is a high weekly profit guarantee.


Sweepstakes is another popular category that is not going away anytime soon. Everybody likes something for free, and what better way is there to get leads and conversions than with the aid of a good, old fashioned sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes offer prospects a high sense of urgency, and they have great repeat value, which translates into high conversions. Make sure to promote highly popular stuff like newly released electronics and apps.

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